23 Oct Why Viral Video Shouldn’t Be Your Goal And The Importance Of Targeted Web Video For Local Business

So You Want A Viral Video?

Sometimes customers come in and say something like, “My cousin Ted just sent me this hilarious cat video, and I’ve been thinking – we should make a viral video!” While having a video that people love to share is a great strategy, you don’t need a viral video to get good, effective reach for your investment in online video. If it sounds like we’re pooh-poohing great web video, I promise we’re not. Let me explain…


Why Viral Video is Good… and Bad

Let’s take a look at the benefits of viral video: huge reach, high frequency, and entrance into the pantheon of YouTube greats. But making a viral video isn’t a simple formula – no matter how many simple steps someone says it takes.  it takes a combination of drama or humor, great timing, and that x-factor to push it past the critical limit. All of this costs time – and for most businesses purposefully trying to make something viral – it costs real money. After all of that, there’s still a high probability that your video won’t be the next Taylor Swift goat mashup.

Viral Goat & Cat

Who Is Your Web Video Targeting?

The biggest viral videos aren’t specific in their demographic reach. By definition, they need to appeal to lots of people to get such a big spread. This is great if you’re a national or regional brand with a wide-reaching product or service, that’s great. Most local businesses have a pretty specific target audience. This means your return on investment for additional viewers that aren’t going to buy your product, or share it with someone who would is severely limited.


We advocate starting your web video process by concentrating on the needs of your target demographic. If you do a great job servicing this group by serving their interests in a surprising, new, and memorable way, they will share your work. More specifically, they’ll share your work with like-minded customers who are much more likely to patronize your business.


The Best Strategy For Local Video On The Web

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