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Making audio ads and jingles for great businesses is a big part of what we do here. It’s a staple of advertising, and it’s really effective—engage and grow your customer base while reminding them of how great you are! When you hear something catchy or memorable it plays on loop in your head, and the message takes root even better.

Whether it’s making radio commercials, jingles, podcasts, voiceover production, on-hold messaging, or anything in-between we can do it all. Having an audio presence is a great and effective way of making an impact on an audience and having them engage in what you do. It can be a cost-effective way of getting your message out as widely as possible in conjunction with any other advertising efforts you might have coming out.

The Ad Group has high-quality professional audio equipment, a fully equipped sound studio, and a group of audio experts—all of this together means you will get the best audio content possible when we work together.

our audio services


Get out over the airways with a professionally produced radio commercial from The Ad Group. Produce your own voiceover with our in-house audio lab, or have us do the voice work for you. Either way, we’ll help you craft a unique, compelling story.


Audio one of the biggest (and most often overlooked) elements in great video production. The perfect music track, well-timed sound effect, or voice inflection can all make the difference between a bored listener, and a customer emerged in your message.


Need the perfect voice for your next project? We can help! Our wide range of professional voice talent is available to add that special dynamic to your message. Already have someone in mind? Just bring them into our audio studio for a professional recording session.


Our simple and affordable on-hold systems are the perfect solution for small businesses looking to reach customers with their latest promotions. We even offer a monthly swap service to keep your on-hold messages fresh and relevant to your listeners.



Can’t get that jingle out of your head? Want to get have your own? Our professional jingle production services will help you produce a catchy tune that’ll have your customers humming along. If it gets stuck in your head too, we’re sorry about that.


Podcasts have become a great resource for experts in nearly every industry to reach interested listeners, wherever and whenever they want to tune in. Make your information personal, conduct interesting interviews, or use them as part of your social media strategy.

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